COVID-19: CAC rolls out email and postal options for company registration/filing/amendments


This is to inform our esteemed customers that in line with our earlier pronouncements, the Commission will be dispensing with the physical presence of customers in its Head Office and Wuse Zone 5 Office in phases with effect from Monday 10th August, 2020 as part of its reform initiatives and in our effort to ensure strict compliance with various directives on social distancing to curb the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Pursuant to the above, all applications are to be submitted in the manner explained below:


a. Form CAC 7A (Notice of change in particulars of Directors).

b. Form CAC 3 (Notice of change of registered address).

c. Form CAC 2A (Return of Allotment Post Incorporation).

d. Form CAC 2.1 Notice of appointment/change in particulars of Secretary.

e. All CTC requests except CTC of Certificates and Miscellaneous applications.

· For 1 (a-e) above, customers have the option to send their applications by e-mail or by post.

· Where applications are sent by e-mail, the Certified Copy, will be sent by post to the customer.

· Customers should pay for the filing and any penalty where the filing is being made out of time.

· Evidence of such payment should be attached to the relevant form.

· Customers should be guided by the checklist published by the Commission on the requirements for all post registration processes.

The following email address should be used by customers that choose to send their applications by email:

Other post incorporation/registration changes as follows:

a. Change of name

b. Alteration of Memart,

c. Registration of Charges (Mortgages, Debenture, Bill of Sales and other Loan Agreements, up stamping, supplemental deed)

d. Increase/decrease in share capital.

e. Deed of Release/Satisfaction.

f. Memorandum of Pledge/ Hypothecation

g. Appointment/Discharge of Receiver/Manager.

h. Conversion

i. Variation of parties

j. Appointment of Trustees

k. Alteration of Deed

l. CTC of Certificate

m. Annual returns

These applications should be forwarded to the Commission with the evidence of payment through any of the designated courier companies.

Please Note that all post registration services should be pre-paid. Customers are advised to refer to the schedule of fees and the relevant requirements in the checklists to determine the applicable penalty (if any) to avoid delay in processing such application.



The under listed applications/requests should be forwarded to the following email with all relevant attachments:

a. Change of Proprietor’s name

b. Removal/addition of Partner.

c. CTC of Certificate and other documents.

d. Change of signature.

e. Change /correction of title/gender, residential address,

f. Nationality, phone number, email address, occupation.

g. Filing/change of branch address

h. All miscellaneous filings

(ii) Other Post registration applications as:

a. Change of address.

b. Change of Business name

c. Change/correction in nature of business d. Annual returns

These applications should be forwarded to the Commission with the evidence of payment through any of the designated courier companies.



The following application/request should be submitted through this email address:

(a) Application for CTC of Certificate

(b) Change of objects/amendment of constitution

© Approval/Change of Secretary/Chairman

(d) Correction of signature

(e) Change of address

(f) Change of Trustees’ address

(g) Filing of by-laws

All other applications that require consequential changes on the Certificate of Incorporation such as:

a. Change of Trustees.

b. Correction of Trustees’ Name

c. Change/Correction registered name

d. Annual returns

These applications should be forwarded to the Commission with the

evidence of payment through any of the designated courier companies.



I. Application / request for Registrar General’s consent for Restricted Names, Limited by Guarantee and names under Part ‘C’ of CAMA should be forwarded to

II. The notice of approval of consent together with the consent code will be sent to the customer through his designated e-mail address. Customers have the right to propose three (3) names in order of preference.

The following applications/requests should be submitted through this email address:

(a.) Extension of time to hold Annual general meeting

(b.) Filing of special resolution for merger

(c.) Notice of Merger

(d.) Registration of appointment of Liquidator.

(e.) Filing of notice / Deed of Release

(f.) Filing of notice of Appointment of Receiver/Manager

(g.) Filing of statement in form of Schedule 14 under s. 553

(h.) Filing of final meeting and account of liquidation.

(i.) Filing of notice of discharge of receiver

(j.) Filing of notice of court order for dissolution of IT

(k.) Cessation of Business Names

(l.) Placement of file on caveat

(m.) Winding up application of all forms



All requests for correction of Availability with scanned copy of evidence of payment should be submitted through this email address


All complaints on service delivery should be directed to The complainant should provide necessary details of the transaction and his contact phone number.


1. Customers should be guided by the method of processing applications as highlighted above. Where documents are to be sent by post, customers should select the courier company of their choice from the Courier Company’s drop box provided on the forwarding Form. The Commission will forward the certified documents through the same medium after approval.

2. Where any query is raised, the customer will be contacted by e-mail or phone with the details of the query and the procedure for its resolution.

3. The Commission may also invite customers to visit the Commission for further clarification or to provide other details where necessary.

4. This system will run concurrently with the existing arrangement that allows the physical presence of customers up to 31st August, 2020.



August 6, 2020