Everything You Need to Know About the Presidential Fertiliser Initiative (PFI)

Photo taken mid-March at the Nagari AF & C Fertiliser Company in Kano, one of the 11 accredited blending plants currently operating under the PFI. Photo: Seyi Tijani

How it started:

This Is What Nigeria’s Fertiliser Situation Looked Like pre-PFI…

This Is How the PFI Is Altering The Status Quo:

This is exactly how the PFI works:

The Eleven (11) Blending Plants accredited so far for the Presidential Fertiliser Initiative (PFI). Courtesy: NSIA

This Is What The PFI Is Not:

This is What The PFI Is Achieving:

One More Thing. This is the PFI in Dates and Numbers:

A Summary of the Key Players in the PFI:




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